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The Veil: Inheritance Quickstart "Knocking on Heavens Door" (Digital PDF Book)

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Knocking on Heavens Door is an adventure starter where the characters are members of a manufactured middle class, called Imprints. They are bioengineered and so named because they are imprinted with genetic memories that allow them to have skills and talents they otherwise wouldn’t.

You play a crew of such Imprints with specialized skill-sets taking the jobs you decide. It’s a little bit Cowboy Bebop, a little bit Blade Runner, but with a biopunk spin. The setting implications allow for a wide range of stories to be framed. Bounty hunters taking on contracts in order to make ends meet; rebels attempting to put a stop to the megacorporations (perhaps even the ones who created the player characters, who knows!). Or maybe you’re navigators and explorers sent ahead of colony ships to find a safe path and world to live on.

In this QuickStart the characters are bounty hunters who have taken on a job to track down a terrorist named Everest Hope. But what appears to be a simple mission becomes complicated when their imprinted memories start to surface, and their target appears to be tied to memories they never knew they had.

Use this QuickStart as a one-shot, or as a springboard for a campaign.

You’ll find the following in this PDF:

* 5 premade playbooks with unique questions already filled out for you.

* A sample scenario.

* Printable game aids: Moves and MC sheets.

Please note: this Quickstart was released prior to the release of The Veil: Inheritance as a public beta test document. As such, this product doesn't fully reflect the final mechanical changes and text of the upcoming final product.