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Uncanny Echo Anthology: Supernatural Urban Fiction Roleplaying (Physical Book + PDF)

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204 pages, full-color, 39 pieces of art, revised versions of each Uncanny Echo game (issues 0-9), and 45 pages of support text.

Uncanny Echo is a tabletop roleplaying game that has altered the Powered by the Apocalypse engine, creating a new way to collaboratively author supernatural urban fiction. 

It is comprised of 10 full Powered by the Apocalypse games called issues. Each utilizes a stripped-down ruleset that gets you to the table with little to no prep time, utilizing mechanics like keys from Lady Blackbird and clocks from The Sprawl and Blades in the Dark to do so.

Each of these games is built to be a focused experience intended to be a one-shot or fiction that connects each session with the next emergently, creating a meta-narrative through this connective tissue. Giving it a choose-your-own-adventure quality. 

These games leverage a uniform game engine to highlight how each intersects while displaying the customizations that make the particular game distinct from the rest; crafting a unique mechanical framework, experience, and game system for each. 

The 10 issues included are:

  • The Heist: Bank robbers who break into a bank that holds something uncanny inside.
  • Suburbia: Neighbors in a cul-de-sac uncover something strange and band together to get to the bottom of it.
  • Takers: Individuals with unique gifts that let them erase and consume all evidence of the uncanny.
  • Restless: Strange events in an old folk home lead to residents investigating the disappearance of one of their own.
  • Present: Ambulance drivers witness the uncanny as they experience the longest night of their lives.
  • Faith: The last of a secret order of priests that deal with ghosts, demons, and all manner of entities have their faith challenged while solving a mystery.
  • Bargains: Musicians who struck a bargain with the devil now pool their collective knowledge to get their souls back.
  • Fractured: People who were ripped from their place in time and history after experiencing an uncanny event struggle to reverse their fate.
  • Fabrication: Part Imagineers, part couriers—Fabricators are tasked with altering the environment of a location at the behest of their employers.
  • Lies: A modern noir scenario that has the players inhabit one high school kid whose friend has gone missing, causing them to re-enter a dangerous underworld.
Actual play that demonstrated most every game, as well as how a particular group leverages the meta-narrative to build a larger story that creates a unique setting can be found here: