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Babel Magazine: Issue One (Digital PDF Book)

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Babel Magazine is a small zine that collects games that have never been available in English before. It is funded through Patreon. The first issue collects three games:

Joy Min's Fallen Lobelia, the first of five claustrophobic horror scenarios in the quintet titled Voices of Flowers inspired by movies like Saw and Cube. It's Joy's attempt at bring the escape room experience to RPGs and it uses a tweaked version of the GUMSHOE system.

Katatumuri's Preserved Blossoms of Love. in which the players play faerie gardeners tending to special faerie flowers.

Tina Trillitzsch's Dear Distant Stars, a game in which two people are separated by time and space. Think Voices of a Distant Star or the emotional scene in Interstellar when Cooper receives a bundle of videos detailing their whole lifetimes while only a few hours has passed for him.