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Magicians: Language Learning RPG (Digital PDF Book)

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Magicians is a tabletop role-playing game designed to both tell awesome stories like you've read about in books like Harry Potter, A Wizard of Earthsea or Lev Grossman’s The Magicians, and to teach you a language - Korean. Magicians is about teenage drama, emotions, hormones and magic. Learn a new, interesting and totally foreign language and the culture and folklore behind it and learn a language as a side-effect of playing the game. Nine-tailed foxes seduce the willing and prowl Seoul at night; dokkaebi roam the mountainside as students learn magic at a remote school as they relearn everything they know about the world. Magicians is all about magic. It’s about removing all constraints so that the only thing holding you back is what you know. All you need is your phone or computer, your friends, and a few hours every week. A game where the magic system is designed to teach you Korean and the rest of it is designed to tell compelling coming-of-age tales! 

Magicians features:

  • 3 levels of progression designed specifically for progession and language learning.
  • A parallel in the fiction between you and your character - your character is a student at a school for magic, beginning to learn magic just as you begin to learn Korean. 
  • A diceless Failure and Success system that uses a free smartphone text-to-speech application on iOS or Android - correct pronunciation of the target language means a correctly cast spell. This means that as you get better at the target langauges your character also grows in power in the game. 
  • A collaborative card mechanic for producing no-prep, spontaneous storytelling.
  • A setting that draws from Korean mythology and folklore as well as urban myths and superstitions.